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body of breath EPK

"body of breath" is a concept album by Leanna Keith of the bass flute as a living, breathing, organism. Backed by live and pre-recorded processed electronics, Leanna creates shifting surrealist soundscapes, utilizing the unique timbre and extended technique possibilities of the bass flute as a solo instrument. Each piece was written with Leanna’s performance in mind, expanding the limited repertoire of the bass flute. The tracks explore identity, storytelling through time, organic processes, and the creation of self through breath.

Track list

Home - Leanna Keith
Al-Wahdat al-Wujud - Nebal Maysaud
Stories of my Grandfather 公公的故事 - Josh Hou
Become Dragon - Heather Bentley
GEO - Kaley Lane Eaton
body, and... and... - Kevin Baldwin
body of breath - Leanna Keith

Strange Moon Records 2024


Recorded at Jack Straw Studios

Engineered and Mixed by Steve Ditore

Mastered by Greg Dixon

Cover Photo by David Wall

Makeup by Devon Paige

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