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Leanna Keith, Flute & Daniel Husser, Strings
Crows at a Crosswalk Logo

The duo Crows at a Crosswalk is the collaborative project between two creatives from vastly different musical backgrounds. Together, the ensemble writes their own music - often utilizing improvisatory elements with sounds inspired from the music of cultures around the world, jazz, and rock. As a group they create pieces which showcase Leanna's background in both classical flute extended techniques and Asian flute training, as well as Daniel's blues guitar styles and folk-like bouzouki playing. The result is an amalgamation of both musical and cultural styles that is wholly unique to the ensemble.

Crows at a Crosswalk performed at the World Flute Festival in Mendoza, Argentina in 2018. Their next show is in collaboration with Karin Stevens Dance for "Why All This Music" in January of 2020.

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