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A Crash Course

Let me begin with this: I am not a fue master.

I have, however, dedicated my life to flute performance. I also have two degrees specifically in playing flute. Beyond that, I have been studying fue for the past two years with someone who is certainly a master fue player - Kaoru Watanabe.

And what do I have to show for it? Above all things, I can make a great sound.

For fue (and flute, for that matter), the hardest thing to master is the production of good tone. Everyone knows what bad tone can sound like: airy, screechy, weak. Within the past three years of my studies, I have been asked time and time again by various taiko players throughout the region on tips for how I get my sound.

So I'm offering it to you. Everything you need to know about tone production. We'll get good sound throughout the first and second octave by the time we're through.

Leanna Keith Fue

Dates TBA

Course Overview

Day 1 (3 hours):

  • What is embouchure?

  • How to Breathe

  • Lung Strengthening

  • Being the Diva, Sound = Posture

  • Fue Fingerings (Octave 1)

Day 2 (3 Hours):

  • How to Practice

  • Fue Fingerings (Octave 2)

  • Lung Strengthening 2.0

  • Tension, Fatigue, Awareness

  • The Next Steps

Fue Class


Dates 1&2 Package: $70

Only Day 1: $35
Only Day 2: $35

Plastic Fue #7: $30

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