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LEVEL UP! Summer Flute Program

A 5 Lesson Summer Jump Start

Designed for ages 8-13

Pixel Music Notes

The flute is one of the hardest instruments to get started on. Many flutists find that in their first year, their friends who chose different instruments make sound more easily, and learn more notes. This is because the flute is the only wind instrument which requires the player to blow across an opening, rather than into. In the LEVEL UP! program, we begin by working on the skills necessary to make a great sound on the flute, every time.

Yes, but why is it called LEVEL UP?

That's because I'm a nerd. My summer program is video game themed! We tackle each lesson as a series of Quests with their own Boss levels. Flute students level up their stats throughout the course to be able to take on the ultimate boss: A Solo Recital. We also end the program with a flute party with all LEVEL UP participants - which of course involves video games.

Quests Include

Sound Production



Complex Rhythms


Team Building

Performance Practice

Are You Ready to LEVEL UP?

Contact me TODAY for tuition information:

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