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Stack Effect


Stack Effect is composer/vocalist Kaley Lane Eaton and flutist Leanna Keith. Eaton and Keith met in 2015 in a class about singer-songwriters of the 1970s and immediately bonded over their mutual love of political folk and drone music. Both in search of a collaborator to explore and create adventurous music for flute and voice, Stack Effect was formed. In addition to performing frequently in Seattle bars, clubs, and concert halls, Stack Effect has been featured by King FM’s Second Inversion, NUMUS Northwest and the Oh My Ears! Festival in Phoenix in 2018.

The duo is passionate about the performance of new works, often utilizing extended techniques, electronics, and improvisation. Realizing their unique position as an ensemble with fairly limited repertoire, Stack Effect often focuses on shedding light on intersectional feminism in the classical music world. With violist Heather Bentley, Stack Effect co-directs Kin of the Moon, a Seattle chamber music series that celebrates improvisation-centric and technology-friendly sound experiences. 

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