Chamber Ensemble

Flute +

Flute Solo

Crow (2019) 13'

(2 Taiko Drums, Vibraphone, Voice, Viola)

same current (2019) ~5' to 20'

(Flute, Horn, Alto Sax)

Finding the InBetween (2019) 19'

For 4 mixed-race performers

(Flute, fixed media, looper pedal, voice)

Lucidity (2018) 5'

(Flute, wineglass)

Meteor Shower (2018) 6'

(Flute, looper pedal)



*scores unavailable, soundtrack recordings linked where purchase is available 

Sheathed (2019)

Play written by Maggie Lee

(flutes, taiko drum, percussion, voice, electric guitar, bouzouki, harmonicas)

We Go Mad (2019)

Play written by Amy Escobar

(viola, electric violin, cello, vibraphone, marimba, percussion, voice)


Mario Loops (2018) 4'

(flute, looper pedal)

To Zanarkand (2018) 3'

(piccolo, 3 flutes, alto flute)

Journey to the East, Flute and Piccolo Solos (2015)

Collection of traditional Chinese dizi pieces

(flute, piccolo)

imagination is an act of rebellion (2018) 12'

a collaborative work with Em Piro

(solo instrument, wineglass, jar of bells, optional additional lamp/jars of water)

ring for peace (2020) ∞

a collaborative work with Em Piro

(A 200 bell sound installation within CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle during BLM protests)