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Book Publication and Educational Outreach Program

Journey to the East Book

The Journey to the East Project began as an idea to take traditional Chinese bamboo flute - or dizi - pieces and transcribe them for the Western Flute and Piccolo. It eventually became a published book, which you can purchase here.

The project quickly went beyond the page, and became an outreach program: Bringing not only the written music, but also the instruments themselves to schools and conferences. Through the lecture, students learn about the dizi itself: what it is made from and how it is constructed. They watch a demonstration on how to prepare a dizi for a performance (not as easy as you may think). The students learn about the music, from where the tunes come from based on topic and region, to also the ornamentation style. Finally, they get to experience playing the dizi - trying the instrument firsthand.

If you are interested in bringing the Journey to the East Project to your school or event, please send an inquiry here.

Curious? Here's a free pdf download of the beginner level tune "Dance of Golden Snake" - which is only available here! 

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Journey to the East Workshop
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