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Each track was improvised, based on a tarot card drawn from a deck. Flutes upon flutes upon flutes, occasional vocals, and electronic effects. Without the ability to gather in public for a live show, a new format of album release show was devised. How can we have an album release party that brings community together without gathering in person? How can we do something that couldn’t happen in a live show? 


10 tracks.

10 collaborators.


Each individual collaborator brings their own reading of the card, their own embodiment of sound, and each have been stitched together in one visual-album.


The deck tells a story when it’s drawn - how will you read this spread?


The album release show premiered on YouTube on April 24th, 2021.


Music composed, performed, recorded, mixed by Leanna Keith

Produced by Leanna Keith and Daniel Husser

The Fool

Shadow Puppetry - "Dust in Your Eyes Puppetry" Cassie Bray & Zane Exactly

Two of Coins 

Dancer/Choreographer - Alyza DelPan-Monley

Videographer/Editor - Daniel Husser

Costuming - Corinne Park-Buffelen

Lighting - Angelo Domitri

The Star

Poledancer/Choreographer - Sabrina Chiang

Videographer/Editor - Daniel Husser

Ace of Cups

Digital Artist - Felix Tran


Dancer/Choreographer - Angel "Moonyeka" Langley

Videographer/Editor - Jessica Foxblood of Mystress Mycelia

The Hermit

Dancer/Choreographer - Margaret Luxamon Hotchkiss

Videographer/Editor - Scott Breitbarth

Ten of Wands

Pen/Ink Artist - Daniel Husser

Nine of Swords

Dancer/Choreographer - Mike "Majinn" O'Neal

The Hanged Man

Aerialist - Leanna Keith

Videographer/Editor - Daniel Husser

The High Priestess

Stop Motion Film - Jenne Hsien Patrick

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